5 Reasons Why Students Prefer Voice Feedback

As a teacher, you want to give your students the best feedback possible to help them improve their work and succeed in class. But have you ever considered that written notes may not be the most effective way to communicate with your students? In fact, many students prefer to receive voice feedback as opposed to written notes. Here are five reasons why:

Personalization and immediacy: Voice feedback allows for a more personal touch, as the teacher can convey tone and emphasis in a way that written notes cannot. Plus, students can hear the feedback as soon as it is given, which can lead to a more immediate understanding of what needs to be improved. Mote allows for easy audio feedback absolutely anywhere in Google Classroom

Two-way communication: Voice feedback also allows for students to ask follow-up questions and have a conversation with the teacher about their work. This can lead to a deeper understanding of the feedback and help the student make more meaningful changes to their work. With Mote, this is made easy throughout Google Workspace.

Efficiency: Giving voice feedback can also be more efficient for the teacher. It may be faster to speak than to write, which can save time and allow for more detailed feedback.

Understanding and retention: Some students may find it easier to understand and retain information when it is presented verbally. According to a study published in the Journal of Educational Psychology (Feicht, G. (2003). The effects of verbal and written feedback on the acquisition of procedural knowledge. Journal of Educational Psychology, 95(2), 391-400.), students who received verbal feedback performed significantly better on a subsequent test of the material than students who received written feedback. So many reasons to use Mote!

Accessibility: Voice feedback can also be more accessible for students with visual impairments or reading difficulties. This ensures that all students are able to receive and understand the feedback they need to improve. At Mote, we believe in making sure every student has the greatest chance of success!

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