Timely On-the-Go Feedback with the Mote iOS App!

Guest post from Mote Ambassador Leader Brittany Horn, instructional technologist in NISD.

Providing personalized feedback is essential for student success, but finding the time can be challenging. We love Mote as it allows for timely feedback that is also personal and specific to each student. Did you know the Mote iOS app allows teachers to record and share voice notes directly from their phone? 

Key Features of the Mote iOS App

  1. On-the-Go Feedback: Record voice notes directly from your iPhone, perfect for busy educators.
  2. Clipboard Copying: Voice notes are automagically copied to your clipboard and can be pasted into Google Classroom and other platforms.
  3. Personal Touch: Voice notes add a personal, engaging element to feedback.
  4. Enhanced Accessibility: Beneficial for students with learning differences, making feedback more understandable.
  5. Translation Capability: Students can translate their audio feedback and listen back in their primary language.

Get Started Today:

  1. Download the Mote App: Available on the iOS App Store.
  2. Sign in: or sign up using your Google account.
  3. Record and Share: Seamlessly integrate voice notes into your teaching routine. The Mote iOS app allows for up to 90 second recordings, while the Mote extension allows for 5 minute recordings for Unlimited users. 

Transform your feedback with Mote and make every piece of feedback count. Download the Mote iOS app today and see the difference!

Check out the Retell a Story template used in this example on the Mote Learning Zone.

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