Audio Rubrics with Mote

Adding audio to rubrics for improved feedback

Rubrics allow educators to provide structured, clear feedback to students and allow students to know and understand the criteria on which their work is being assessed. Whether one is implementing traditional four or five point rubrics, or the single point rubric, there is a significant opportunity for educators to increase both the quantity and quality of the feedback being provided with Mote. With Mote, educators can create audio-rubrics. Rubrics that provide a space for educator comments where thoughtful and specific feedback can be provided based on the criteria outlined in the rubric.

The team at Mote has created three rubric styles in a Google Sheets template that educators can make a copy of and modify to their liking to begin integrating audio-rubrics into the classroom.

In the video walk-through below, we will explore how to use:

  • Self-grading / auto-color coding audio-rubrics
  • Traditional four point scale audio-rubrics
  • Single Point audio-rubrics

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