Audio Running Record

How to create Running Records with Audio

Running records are a valuable classroom strategy that allow educators to document student progress and growth in reading ability over time. Running records are helpful as they allow educators to capture evidence in real time to then create actionable plans to differentiate or design future lessons. Traditionally, running records are created by the student reading a selected passage while the teacher jots down notes on paper or a digital document that capture errors or necessary corrections while the student is reading. Feedback is then provided along with a series of comprehension questions. While effective in practice, Mote allows educators to improve the practice of running records by actually capturing the student process of reading the passage in one recording, and demonstrating their comprehension in another. Additionally, the educator can continue to take text notes, but can now add an audio reflection or feedback on the audio provided by the student. An audio running record with Mote can provide more accurate evidence and a record of growth and improvement over time.

Learn more about the entire process with the short video walkthrough below and make a copy of the Mote Running Record Google Slides template below!


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