Beyond the Basic Question with Mote!

Mote for Question Feature in Google Classroom

Guest post from Mote Ambassador Leader R. Erin Comninaki, Special Education Teacher and Instructional Coach.‍

Are you tired of the same old text-based interactions in Google Classroom? We all know that questions can be a fantastic way to gauge student understanding and provoke thoughtful classroom discussions. But what if I told you there's a way to bring those questions to life? 🌟

Enter Mote, the magical tool that transforms teaching into a multi-sensory experience. And no, we're not just talking about adding a vocal note to an assignment. Get ready to amplify the 'Question' feature in Google Classroom like never before!

Step 1: The Power of StickyMote on Google Slides 🎙️

Let's say you have an intriguing graph or an impactful image you want your students to ponder. Typically, you upload that image and ask a question in Google Classroom. But let's enhance it!

  1. Create a Slide: Place your graph or image on a Google Slide.
  2. Insert StickyMote: Use Mote to add an audio note, which we lovingly call a 'StickyMote,' right next to the graph or image.
  3. Provide Guidance: In your audio note, include the question, sentence frames, and hints that can guide your students in constructing meaningful answers.
  4. Accessibility Features: Don't forget, Mote also transcribes your audio automatically and offers translation options!

Instead of just reading a question, your students can hear your voice guiding them, see sentence frames to support their thinking, and even translate the content into their preferred language. Isn't that awesome?

Step 2: Bring it to Google Classroom's Question Feature 🚀

But wait, we still need to finish supercharging

  1. Share the Link: Copy the Google Slide link and share it in Google Classroom within the question you've created.
  2. Encourage Audio Responses: Ask your students to use Mote to answer your question right within Google Classroom.
  3. Offer Feedback: As students respond, use Mote to offer them audio feedback. This keeps the conversation going and creates a continuous feedback cycle!

The Benefits are Endless! 💜

  • Different Learning Styles: Audio, visual, textual - this approach has something for everyone!
  • Accessibility: The auto-transcription and translation features make this method inclusive.
  • Engagement: Nothing says 'engagement' like hearing your teacher's voice guiding you through a problem.
  • Continuous Feedback: Mote enables initial guidance and a rich, ongoing dialogue between you and your students.

So, why stick to simple text when you can create an engaging, multi-dimensional learning experience? Give it a try, and let the incredible tool Mote redefine how you use Google Classroom. 🌟

Happy teaching! 🍎

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