Earth Day with Sticky Motes

Guest post from Mote Ambassador Leader Brittany Horn, instructional technologist in NISD.

Earth Day is around the corner, and there are many great websites available to help educate our students. Instead of simply sharing an article link, Mote allows educators to guide their students with personal voice notes that stick to any URL (AKA: Sticky Motes). Sticky Motes are excellent for independent work time, students who are absent, students who need repeated instruction, or even students who benefit from translated instruction.

In the example below, Wonderopolis put out Wonder #1675 titled 'How You Can Make the World a Better Place.' I have left a sticky mote instructing students to jot down one interesting fact about Earth Day and one action step they can take to make the Earth a better place.

Wonder #1674: How You Can Make the World a Better Place

Once students open the sticky mote, they can move it around the page, and translate instructions into their preferred language. 

Watch this video to see a full demo of this assignment in action.

With Mote, learning becomes more personalized and accessible. Instead of relying solely on written instructions, educators can use their voice to provide detailed explanations, share enthusiasm, and offer encouragement. For Earth Day, this means a more engaging exploration of topics related to making our world a better place.

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