Empowering Student Writers

Empowering Student Writers with Mote: Student Led Goals!

Guest post from Mote Ambassador Leader Brittany Horn, instructional technologist in NISD.

"…helping kids to articulate clear goals for their work, and supporting them with strategies and feedback to accomplish those goals, makes a huge difference in their ability to succeed." - The Writing Strategies Book, 2017

In the quest for writing success, setting clear goals is a must for students. Student led goal setting, allows them to take ownership of their writing and work towards personal growth. This Mote Writing Template is designed to be revisited throughout the school year as students set goals, reflect, and redefine personal success. This template allows students to choose their own goal within areas of structure, development, and language conventions. Mote, then allows students to expand on why they chose their goal and how they plan to work toward it. The draggable template helps students choose their goal, while Mote allows them to articulate it and make it their own! 

💡Teacher tip: Teachers can duplicate this slide to allow for new goals each quarter, each unit, etc. This template can also be shared with families or at parent conferences to show student growth.

It is crucial to acknowledge that goal setting is not a one-size-fits-all model. Every student possesses unique strengths, areas for growth, and learning preferences. Mote recognizes this diversity and allows for personalized goal setting. By tailoring goals to each student, teachers encourage a sense of ownership and relevance, leading to increased student engagement. 

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