End of year teacher gifts

Say it with Mote & create a personalised thank you card for teachers this summer.

Use these cards alongside other gifts such as a sweet treat or flowers!

1) A card that says thank you... with Google Slides and Mote 🙏🗣️

Add a voice note of thanks to greetings cards with Mote for Slides following the simple steps below.

  • Open the template below
  • Click on the Mote button on Slides
  • Now, get ready to add your heartfelt voice note! Click on the magical Mote button, and let your voice do the talking. Say everything you want to thank your teachers for.
  • Insert your QR code onto the slide. It's a fantastic way to surprise them!
  • Don't forget to add your photo! Follow the next step to remove the background and make yourself the star.

2) Use Remove.bg to add your photo.

To add a photo of yourself and remove the background

  • Open www.remove.bg
  • Upload the photo you would like to use
  • Click on the remove button and watch as the background magically disappears!
  • Download the image
  • Drag and drop it onto the Google Slide
  • Now, you're ready to bring your masterpiece to life! Print out your personalized thank you card and share it with your teachers.

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