Enhanced Stoplight Exit Tickets

Guest post from Mote Ambassador Leader - Alex Isaacs, EdTech Specialist in the Long Branch Public Schools District.

Formative assessment and student reflection remain essential foundations of effective teaching and learning. As I grew as an educator and honed in on my style in elementary and middle school classrooms, I integrated many assessment and self-reflection tasks to best inform my teaching practices. Between the different edtech platforms, strategies, and methods I used to implement these assessments, I gradually learned what worked for the diverse students I taught in class. Over time, one thing became clear - my ability to reach learners went beyond simply assessing them and providing feedback. It also hinged on an assessment’s accessibility and relevance to my students. How can we create and share meaningful reflection opportunities with learners and, more importantly, make them impactful? These can be daunting questions for educators; however, implementing Mote-enhanced exit slips can help students improve their critical thinking skills while fostering a growth mindset.

The Importance of Student Reflection

Student reflection is a cornerstone of education, asking learners to think critically, synthesize their understanding, and identify areas of need and growth. As students reflect on concepts they learn in class, they take ownership of their learning path and inform teachers of possible misconceptions and obstacles toward better understanding. Establishing consistent feedback loops through meaningful reflection leads to more consistent comprehension and mastery of content. While many modes exist to offer impactful reflection opportunities that meet the above criteria, the stoplight exit ticket strategy is a simple and effective option to share with your students today!

What is the Stoplight Exit Ticket Strategy?

The stoplight exit ticket is an easy yet powerful formative assessment technique that empowers learners to reflect on their learning as they leave class. Using green, yellow, and red-colored circles, students indicate their understanding of and engagement with the introduced content by adding sticky notes with their thoughts to at least one of the ‘lights’ posted on the wall or whiteboard. The green circle signifies something a student learned or is excited about, the yellow circle has students respond with a question or area of confusion, and the red circle indicates something from the lesson they don’t understand or that hindered their learning. By the end of this reflection task, a teacher can better gauge their learners’ understanding and identify mitigating factors limiting student growth. To see this exit ticket strategy in action and learn more about tips for engaging formative assessments, check out this video featuring multiple experts in education who share their best practices and ideas.

Elevating Stoplight Exit Tickets with Mote & Google Forms

Combining Mote, Google Forms, and the stoplight exit ticket strategy offers multiple benefits to both teachers and students:

  • Meaningful Voice Reflection - Instead of writing their reflections on post-it notes, students can use Mote to record a short voice reflection. This process allows for more authentic and thoughtful reflections where learners articulate their ideas and feelings with greater clarity and expression. Also, with the digital adaptation of the stoplight exit ticket, student reflections are not physically displayed on one of the green, yellow, and red circles for everyone to see. By curating mote messages in the Google Form with a degree of anonymity, learners can be more honest with any confusion or issues they are experiencing.
  • Improved Accessibility - Mote provides a more accessible option for students who struggle with writing or have language barriers. Offering the learners the option to type out or record a voice response allows everyone to participate fully in the reflection process, regardless of their literacy level or language proficiency.
  • Timely & Differentiated Feedback - Teachers can listen to their students’ mote messages in real-time, gaining immediate insights into understanding and establishing a quicker feedback loop. Furthermore, Mote allows educators to provide inclusive and differentiated voice feedback. If a student shares a red light response, the teacher can respond with a personalized mote message addressing their specific concerns and offering additional clarification and support.
  • Simplified Data Collection - With Mote’s seamless integration with Google apps, including Forms and Sheets, teachers can embed and collect mote voice messages directly within the stoplight reflection form and results spreadsheet. These edtech integrations streamline the data collection process, saving teachers time while providing a comprehensive record of student reflections that all stakeholders can review over time.

Click here for the remixable Mote + Google Form Stoplight Exit Ticket template to copy, adapt, and use with your students. A video walkthrough is also available here, modeling how learners can respond with Mote on this form.

Green Light Prompt - Mote x Google Forms Stoplight Exit Ticket Integration

As educators, our role extends beyond individuals who simply impart knowledge to young learners. Central to teachers’ many responsibilities is establishing a learning environment where all students feel valued, supported, and equipped with the tools to reach their full potential. The Mote and Google Forms stoplight exit ticket outlined in this post can significantly elevate formative assessment and student reflection to new levels while building more inclusive, accessible, and engaging learning communities. So why wait? Take the first step and copy the above Google Form to try this easy-to-use strategy with your students today. With Mote, we can empower students to become lifelong learners with a vested interest in their growth and understanding!

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