Google Forms and Voice for Special Ed Accommodations

Every student matters! The goal of special education accommodations is to level the playing field of learning to help ensure that all students enjoy the same opportunities to learn and succeed.

Voice in Google Forms for Student Accommodations

Student Voice:

  1. Voice notes created with Mote offer an alternative to written responses for students who have difficulty writing or typing. This helps ensure that all learners have an equal opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the material.
Example of a student responding to a Google Form with their voice
  1. Motes can provide a convenient way for students to provide longer or more detailed responses than may be possible with traditional question and answer options typically available in Google Forms. With Mote Unlimited, we allow voice notes of up to 3 minutes that can be played back for review before submission. This can be particularly useful for any learners that may require additional support in organizing their thoughts and expressing themselves.

Teacher Voice

  1. Using audio notes can also support students who are English language learners or who have difficulty reading or comprehending written text for many reasons. By providing the option to listen to instructions or questions, rather than having to read them, all of your learners can access the information more easily and participate in class activities more fully.
Teacher voice note in Google Forms to support accessibility
  1. With Mote, voice notes can be a useful tool for educators as they prepare to assess student learning and progress. Instead of spending hours working through written responses, teachers can listen to the voice notes and get a clearer sense of what students know and where they may need additional support or guidance. This can help tailor instruction and provide more targeted feedback.

How Mote helps serve every learner in every school

Not only available in Google Forms, Mote works throughout Google Workspace - allowing all of our users to leverage the power of voice where they would normally only be able to type.

At #MoteCon2022, we enjoyed 3 great sessions on accessibility. All of which are linked below:

  • Using Mote for a More Inclusive Learning Experience, with Maureen Lamb- here
  • Hidden Accessibility: Using Mote to Embed Accessibility Features, with Tiffany Castillo- here
  • Using Mote in a Special Education Classroom, with Cheryl Graff - here

Mote and Google Forms

The video below shows how easy it is to embed audio into Google Forms with Mote.

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