How I use Mote in my Language Classroom

Guest post from Leanna Alicandri, Teacher from Father John Redmond School, Canada.

Listening comprehension is a part of every French classroom.  A common activity French teachers such as myself use is a "dictée", (also known as a dictation) where students learn to listen to phrases or parts of speech and then write down what they hear.  Doing so allows students to practice their spelling and connect the pronunciation of grammar and vocabulary to closed passages. In my school, this type of activity is also part of our final evaluations/exams.Traditionally, the teacher plays the audio 2x and perhaps a 3rd time.

Other times, students listen to conversations and complete multiple choice or short answer questions, again after hearing the audio respond. However, there are always students who could benefit from additional listening, such as those who want to double check their work or require additional listening for special education reasons. 

I am very much of the school of thought that students should be able to listen as many times as they wish but I didn't know how to make that happen without taking up too much class time or singling students out. When I found Mote, everything changed.  It was really easy to make this amazing change for my students. 

So how did I do it?  I did a split screen on my laptop with Mote open in one window and my audio files playing from the other.  I recorded easily and the sound was crisp.  Then, I took the files and uploaded each one into a Google form where my students answer the closed passage vocabulary & grammar phrases, multiple choice questions and short answers. 

I allowed them to use our school headsets or their personal earbuds.  They could rewind and replay as many times as they wished while managing their test time. 

The feedback I received from my students was overwhelmingly positive.  The grades were very good as well.

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