Let’s Be Grateful with Mote!

Let’s Be Grateful with Mote!

Guest post from Mote Ambassador Leader Brittany Horn, instructional technologist in NISD.

Thanksgiving is around the corner and what a better way to celebrate than to have students show their gratitude to a teacher, family member, or another adult who has impacted their life. Can you imagine how impactful a personal voice note from a student could be this time of year? Not only will this activity make someone’s day, it also reiterates the importance of having a grateful heart in our students. Mote, with the help of Autocrat, makes this activity easy!
Students will simply fill out a Google Form including the name and email of the person they want to thank, and a voice note. Then, Autocrat will send an automated email to the receiver. 

As the teacher, you’ll want to snag your templates and set up your autocrat job. This video shows you how in under 3 minutes:

Grab your Form & Autocrat Template: 

  1. Google Form Template to share with students. 
  2. Autocrat Template 
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