Micro-Podcasting with Mote

Fostering Creativity with Audio

Podcasting in the classroom is a creative outlet that educators can leverage to allow students to share their thinking, tell a unique story and express their perspective through the creative use of audio. Traditionally, podcasting is a relatively complex and often a multi-step process that requires not only planning for content, but a comfort level with capturing audio, editing and publishing. For some the technical process may be too great a barrier to provide students with the opportunity to express themselves through audio.

Mote in Google Slides is the ideal solution that allows students to create micro-podcasts. Instead of getting bogged down with the technical barriers, by using Mote in 90 second audio clips to act as the single podcasting tool, the barrier to entry for classroom creation is lowered, increasing accessibility for all students to create.

Check out the full video walk-through on the purpose, setup and process of creating micro-podcasts with Mote.

The team at Mote has created a micro-podcasting template in Google Slides that can be used as a turn-key solution that allows students to begin creating multi-episode podcasts today!

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