Mote for Flipped Learning

Mote for Flipped Learning

Leveraging Mote Audio in Google Slides to Create Flipped Learning Experiences

Flipped learning is a powerful framework for classrooms that approaches instruction based on the environment. We can break this down into two types of locations: the private / individuals space and the group / collaborative space. Traditionally, instruction is provided in the group space where the educator teaches a concept to the entire group. Students are then asked to engage with that concept with continued practice, problem solving or generally grappling with and applying the concept in the private or individual space.

Flipped instruction promotes the idea that the individual space is best suited for the introduction or instruction of the concept and the group or collaborative space, with the educator present and ready to guide application, practice and interaction, is best suited for the group or collective space. Video plays a significant role in flipped instruction, as high quality screencasts and instructional videos are readily available for educators to use to provide the instructional component of the flipped experience.

This is where Mote comes into the flipped learning model. By combining Mote audio snippets into a flipped learning experience, educators can create context, set the stage and generally prepare their students for the video they are about to engage with independently. Imagine the impact of a student being able to hear their teacher’s voice as they prepare to watch a new instructional video!

The video walk-through below demonstrates the entire process of creating a flipped learning experience in Google Slides. By using existing YouTube content that is supplemented with Mote audio provided by the teacher, educators can create a rich and high quality flipped experience.

If you are an instructional coach or educational technology specialist in your school, please explore the slide deck below that walks through the entire process step-by-step and can be used to coach teachers on how to create flipped learning experiences with Mote, Google Slides and YouTube.


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