Mote Math: Audio Notebooks

Capturing student thinking in the math classroom can be a challenging proposition. Teachers may not have the time or ability to connect face to face with every student to hear their thinking and get insight into their problem solving process. When we combine Mote with the math classroom, educators and students have the ability to bring their thinking to life through audio. Explore two process below that allow students to work either in a completely digital space or blend offline work with a digital space to capture and share their thinking with audio.

Mote Math in Jamboard

Jamboard is a fantastic tool for students to use on Chromebooks as a digital space to work through a math problem. When we layer Jamboard with Sticky Mote, students can add a layer of audio on top of the Jamboard to capture their thinking, explain their process, and clearly demonstrate their understanding of a mathematical process.

Check out the video below that walks through the process of using Sticky Mote with Jamboard in the math classroom.

Mote Math in Google Slides

Some students and educators may prefer that students work through a math problem in an offline setting. Dry erase boards or even a piece of paper may be a better experience for many learners. Working in an offline environment doesn’t prohibit students from adding a layer of audio to capture their thinking and explain their process once they are done working through the problem.

By using Google Slides, students can open up a new slide deck, or open an ongoing math journal where they can snap a photo of their offline work using the front facing camera on their Chromebook. With the offline image now in a digital setting, students can use Mote in Google Slides to add an audio explanation of their thinking and process.

Check out the video below that walks through the process of using Google Slides to create audio math journals with offline evidence of student work.

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