Mote + ThingLink = Accessible Content

Mote and ThingLink

Guest post from Mote Ambassador Leader Frederick Ballew, Computer Science Teacher in Bloomington Public School District.

We all know that Mote is a powerful way for learners and teachers to give and receive personalized feedback. But did you know that it is also a fantastic way to increase accessibility?

We are all familiar with the impressive capabilities of Mote, enabling learners and educators to exchange personalized feedback effortlessly. However, did you know that it is also a fantastic tool to enhance accessibility. Let's explore how you can leverage Mote to make your content more inclusive and user-friendly.

The most notable way is incorporating Mote voice messages in Google Slide presentations allowing you to include a voice message with the directions as a supplement to your written directions. These audio descriptions, along with alt text, are particularly beneficial for learners with visual impairments, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the content. This simple add-on empowers teachers to make multimedia elements more accessible.

Mote can also be used to create accurate transcripts and captions quickly. By incorporating these features, your learning materials become accessible to a wider audience, including those who rely on written content to comprehend spoken information. The captions can be translated into any of the current 34 languages, ensuring that learners from various linguistic backgrounds can fully engage with your content.

Another tool that is great for accessibility is Thinglink. This interactive media platform enables users to create and share captivating visual content, such as images and videos, with interactive hotspots. Within these hotspots, you can embed various multimedia elements, including text, images, videos, links, and yes, even Mote voice messages!

To integrate Mote into your ThingLink creations, follow these simple steps.
First, add your media (image or video) to ThingLink and enter edit mode.
Next, open Mote and record your desired content. After recording, click on "Share" and then "Embed." Copy the code provided.
Return to ThingLink, click the "add tag" button, followed by the "add content from website" button.
Paste the Mote embed code in the left blank, and you can customize the tag's icon and position as needed.

Now, your learners will have the privilege of hearing your voice alongside your interactive ThingLink creations.

Check the short demo below

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