QR Code Offline (Paper) Readings

QR Code Offline (Paper) Readings

Mote is an ideal tool to increase accessibility to all classroom content with audio. Reading material in particular can be quickly supplemented with audio to provide an introduction, overview, context or even a read along for students as they explore the text.

The process of reading is often one that learners prefer to engage with an an offline environment. Reading a text passage on paper allows the learner to quickly mark up the content and engage with the text in a capacity that may not be possible in a digital space. Highlighting, circling and even drawings in the margin allow the learner to truly engage with the text.

But, how can we make this text more accessible to provide the level of support to help all learners navigate this space? Mote with QR Codes!

In 1:1 classrooms, whether students have mobile devices (iPad) or a Chromebook, both devices allow students to scan QR Codes. Consider the scenario where a learner has a reading (short story, DBQ, poem, primary source document, problem set) that they are going to read in an offline (paper) environment. Before printing off the original document, educators can create QR Codes with Mote that point directly to custom created audio to help guide the learner through the experience.

Watch the pop-up PD episode below as the Mote Education team explores this idea!

QR code reading template

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