Read Across America Week: Retelling with Mote

Guest post from Mote Ambassador Leader Brittany Horn, instructional technologist in NISD.

It’s Read Across America Week and we’re celebrating reading and storytelling! Tools that amplify student voice are invaluable. This is why you’ll love these slide templates with Mote for retelling. Not only does this combination support TEK 2.7(D) by allowing students to retell and paraphrase texts, but it also ensures that they maintain the story's meaning and logical order. In this blog post, we'll explore two templates each tailored for different age groups.

1. Simple Retelling Template: Beginning, Middle, End

The condensed template is best for younger students or those who are just beginning their journey into parts of a story. Students can type a sentence into the Beginning, Middle, and End section, or insert pictures from the book they are retelling. 

💜Using Mote: For each section, students use the Mote extension to retell. They drag their voice note to the circle under that section. Encourage students to use their unique voice to retell the events, ensuring they maintain the story's logical sequence.

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Tip for Younger Students: Use the arrow keys to move the Mote icon to the correct circle. 

2. Advanced Plot Mountain Template

For students ready to dive deeper into narratives, the plot mountain template offers a more comprehensive approach.

💜Using Mote: Similar to the previous template, students will use Mote to explain each aspect of the story and drag their voice note to the correct spot. Encourage students to articulate the story's events, ensuring they capture each element of the plot, character motivations, and important events.

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  • Exposition: Introduce the setting, main characters, and initial situations.
  • Conflict: Explain the primary problem that drives the plot of the story.
  • Rising Action: Highlight events that build tension or lead to the story's climax.
  • Climax: Showcase the story's pivotal moment or turning point.
  • Falling Action: Detail events that lead from the climax towards the resolution.
  • Resolution: Conclude the, wrapping up loose ends and providing closure.


Integrating Mote with Google Slides provides educators with a dynamic toolset to support students in retelling stories. Whether using the simple "Beginning, Middle, End" template or the advanced Plot Mountain, students can share their voice, sequence their thoughts, and master the art of narrative comprehension, all while aligning with TEK 2.7(D). 

2.7(D) retell and paraphrase texts in ways that maintain meaning and logical order (S)

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