Social Emotional Learning with Mote

S.E.L with Mote in Middle and High Schools

Guest post from Mote Ambassador Leader Frederick Ballew, Computer Science Teacher in Bloomington Public School District

Social and Emotional Learning (S.E.L) is an educational priority, and the tools we use play a pivotal role in its delivery. While we're all familiar with Mote's capacity to provide voice-based feedback, it's intriguing to consider its power in bolstering S.E.L for middle and high school students. 

1. The Warmth of Voice Feedback

The emotional resonance of the human voice remains unparalleled. Mote allows educators to encapsulate the nuances and tones of spoken feedback, fostering deeper connections. This authenticity supports positive relationships and trust, cornerstones of S.E.L. 

2. Space for Authentic Expression

While written responses have their merits, they aren't always the most conducive to genuine expression. Mote breaks down this barrier. With voice, students can delve deeper into their thoughts, making room for real reflection and heightened self-awareness. 

3. Prioritizing Active Listening

Mote's voice feature demands active engagement, pressing students to hone their listening skills. This engagement fosters empathy and perspective-taking, encouraging students to understand and appreciate diverse viewpoints. 

4. Counteracting Digital Fatigue

The relentless screen time and extensive reading inherent to online learning can wear students down. Mote offers an auditory escape, ensuring learning remains captivating and reducing feelings of detachment. Whether you choose to use Mote to record the directions or feedback, Mote makes it feel personal.

5. Deepening Peer Bonds

While text-based feedback can feel sterile, hearing a peer's voice introduces warmth and personality. Mote promotes these deeper peer-to-peer connections, crafting a classroom atmosphere where every voice matters.

6. Fostering Continuous Reflection

Mote isn’t a passive tool. As students interact with voice feedback, they’re involved in an ongoing reflective journey. This awareness and introspection are central to S.E.L, nudging students to recognize their feelings, strengths, and areas for growth.

SEL Activities Enhanced by Mote

Check out these S.E.L exercises you can easily do with Mote!

Narrative Sharing -  Urge students to voice personal anecdotes or musings, especially when broaching delicate subjects.

Weekly Emotional Touchpoints - Use Mote for concise weekly emotional updates, where students vocalize a win or a challenge from their week.

Collaborative Ventures - For group assignments, let students interact via voice, underscoring constructive critique and effective dialogue with their peers.

Feeling Logs - Encourage students to maintain voice journals, capturing daily or weekly emotional snapshots.

Dive deeper into Mote’s potential, and watch your learning environment burgeon with emotional intelligence, raw expression, and invaluable bonds.

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