Socratic Seminars with Mote

Guest post from Mote Ambassador - Alex Isaacs, of Red Bank Middle School, NJ.


  • Boosts inclusivity with increased preparation before a Socratic seminar takes place.
  • Allows learners to interact with their classmates to provide peer feedback.
  • Offers meaningful opportunities for learners to reflect individually and on a group basis.


  • In Socratic seminars, students are often reticent to share their thoughts and ideas in the fish bowl. Listening to pre-recorded mote responses allows students to be more prepared for the Socratic seminar and could cause less vocal students to participate more in the actual class activity.
  • The additional preplanning and reflecting on peer responses will allow more meaningful discussion to take place in the student-led portions of the activity. As a result, learners will be in a better position to be active facilitators in the learning process.
  • Offer students degrees of choice with different prompts to spark conversation and peer-to-peer feedback to take place in and out of the classroom.


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