The Synergy of Mote and Doc Appender

Maximizing the Power of Peer Feedback: The Synergy of Mote and Doc Appender

Guest post from Mote Ambassador Leader R. Erin Comninaki, Special Education Teacher and Instructional Coach.

Peer feedback has long been an invaluable part of the educational landscape, offering a dynamic and interactive approach to learning and assessment. However, the traditional methods of collecting and organizing feedback often need to be revised. This is where the unique combination of Mote and Doc Appender comes into play.

The Depth of Mote

Mote is an innovative add-on that allows students to insert voice comments directly into Google Docs, Forms, and Slides. The ability to record voice comments brings nuance and emotion to feedback that written text alone cannot capture. Students can express themselves more freely, and the input becomes a rich tapestry of thoughts enhanced by tone and inflection.

The Organization of Doc Appender

Doc Appender is another exceptional add-on that works seamlessly with Google Forms. It takes responses from a Google Form and appends them to individual Google Docs. For educators, this means a streamlined process where each student can have a dedicated document that collects all their peer feedback over time.

A Symphony of Benefits

When Mote and Doc Appender are used in tandem, the results are transformative:

  1. Personalization: Mote allows for personal and relatable feedback, given the tone and emotion captured in voice recordings.
  2. Organization: Doc Appender ensures each piece of feedback is allocated to the right student or project, making the review process extremely efficient.
  3. Efficiency: All feedback, whether written or spoken, gets consolidated into a single Google Doc, creating a one-stop shop for comprehensive review.
  4. Accessibility: The combination makes it easier for teachers and students to navigate, review, and reflect upon feedback without sifting through multiple files or platforms.

Incorporating Mote and Doc Appender in your educational toolkit enriches the quality of feedback and radically simplifies its organization. The marriage of these two technologies provides an integrated, user-friendly platform that brings peer feedback into the 21st century.

By employing this dynamic duo, educators can foster an environment that values the depth and organization of peer feedback, setting the stage for more engaged and reflective learning.

Have a look at the how to video below.

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