Why voice notes have become a Key for Language Learning

We were so excited to have been invited to present at the NJEA Convention 2022 in Atlantic City! We were grateful for the opportunity to share our thoughts on voice powered learning with such an amazing community of teachers. One of the sessions we presented was all about "why voice notes have become a key for language learning" - check it out...

Practice pronunciation and accent.

Using Mote's voice notes to practice pronunciation and accent can be particularly helpful for learners in the world language classroom, as it allows them to hear their own speech and compare it to the correct pronunciation. This can help them self-identify areas where they may need to make adjustments. One way that Mote makes this easy is to switch the speech-to-text language in our extension; the more accurate the transcription = the more accurate the pronunciation!

Choosing voice-to-text language

Self and peer-assess speaking skills.

Audio notes created with Mote can provide a valuable opportunity for students to record and listen to their own speech, which can help them become more aware of their own pronunciation and accent. This can be especially beneficial for learners who are not always able to receive immediate feedback on their speaking skills from a teacher or classmate. One easy way to do this is using Mote for Google Slides - some of the best examples of this are where multiple students have access to the same slide deck and can give peer to peer feedback also.

Help develop their listening and speaking skills.

Listening and speaking are two essential skills for language learning, and voice notes can be a valuable tool for helping students develop these skills. For example, students could use voice notes to record themselves reading aloud, or to have a conversation with a classmate or teacher. This can help them become more confident and fluent in their speaking, and improve their ability to understand spoken language. One way of doing this would be to capture a voice note using our web recorder - mote.new - and then sharing the link to others, becoming a web-based conversation that can be played back and easily listened to.

Teachers use voice notes to provide feedback.

Educators can use voice notes to provide personalized feedback on students' language skills. For example, a teacher could record a voice note with suggestions for how a student can improve their pronunciation. Verbal feedback in Google Classroom is a convenient and efficient way for teachers to provide this sort of much needed and instantly accessibly feedback for their learners.

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