World Earth Day with Mote

What is World Earth Day?

World Earth Day started in 1970 and is now an annual event held on April 22nd to demonstrate the support for environmental protection. It’s an important event as it draws attention to the environment, promotes different ways of looking after our Planet and discusses methods of being more sustainable.

World Earth Day with Mote

Here at Mote HQ, we have created a few activities to help create an engaging and interactive lesson to get students involved in thinking about ways we can help look after the Planet. You could use one or both of these activities as part of your class's engagement with World Earth Day.

Activity #1: Pledge for the Planet

The first activity is an opportunity for students to create a 'Pledge for the Planet' in Google Slides, using images and their voice to share how they can contribute to protecting the environment.

Activity #2: My Eco Hero
The second activity is focused on encouraging students to learn about environmental activists, and choose their own 'Eco Hero' to profile using Mote and other multimedia elements.

The video walk-through below shows how to add each student's Mote audio messages to the slide template - the video shows the 'Pledge' activity, but the "Eco Hero' works in exactly the same way.

Have a go! We've created an easy to use template to help kick off a fun class. Simply click below to make a copy to get started.

Click here to make a copy

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