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Building Relationships with Families with Mote & Canva


From Stacey:

"Good communication with parents and families from the very start of the year can make all the difference!

I believe that gaining a student’s trust is the first step in building their (math) confidence, and it begins with making sure parents are part of the team. If a student goes home frustrated or confused, I need to know that I’ve given families the resources they need and a good sense of class expectations so that they can guide their child. Yes, we have back-to-school night, but that event can feel rushed and packed with information. Additionally, not all parents can attend. I’ve learned that emailing home a personal newsletter early in the school year can be very effective.In this session, participants will learn how Mote can be used to add voice to a parent newsletter created in Canva.

The embedded voice notes not only express tone and make the newsletter feel welcoming, Mote also makes it more accessible. With automatic transcription, customizable playback speeds, and even translation features, Mote ensures all families are able to interact with the letter in a way that works best for them.

This session includes a live demonstration to ensure participants walk away with all the resources they need to begin building a newsletter of their own."


Follow Stacey on Twitter and check out her awesome book "Tech with Heart"

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